Erik Astrom

Specialist Operations and Middle Office Recruiter

About Erik

Erik moved into the Recruitment industry after a successful print media career lasting ~10 years. After relocating to New York City he saw the opportunity to move into Recruitment within Financial Services Operations and wanted to further develop his professional skills with a focus on sales. Since joining this world, he has enjoyed building out new relationships and providing the best possible service to his candidates and clients. As a Swedish native he is also fluent speaking the language.

You can find Erik at the Weekends:

Socializing in local cafés and restaurants with friends and/or family. Activities he enjoys include hiking, football (Tottenham Hotspurs), reading science fiction books or autobiographies, cooking Cajun or Mexican food, and travelling. He is solely responsible for cooking Sunday roasts for the family.

Things you can talk to me about:

Things he doesn’t know much about. Erik likes to learn new things and provide an outside perspective where possible. He is knowledgeable in football, places to visit in New York, chess, and travels through America, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Results of his personality assessment from 16 Personalities:

Personality type: Campaigner (ENFP-A)

Traits: Extraverted – 76%, Intuitive – 63%, Feeling – 60%, Prospecting – 56%, Assertive – 67%

Role: Diplomat

Strategy: People Mastery

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