Laura Ceruti

Specialist Operations and Middle Office Recruiter

About Laura

Laura started her recruitment career focusing on the IT and Tech environment. She genuinely loves connecting with candidates and helping them find their dream jobs. She is committed to build strong, lasting relationships and fostering positive candidate experiences. Laura speaks fluent Italian and Spanish and in her spare time she helps kids with Spanish homework and translations.

You can find Laura at the weekends:

Embracing life living in London by spending time with her flatmates and friends, organising different activities and fun things to do. Laura will go for walks in the park, loves travelling, and tries to go back to Bologna as often as possible.

Things you can talk to me about:

Anything to do with languages and travels, cocktails, recommendations for things to do in London, cooking, and the occasional bit of techno!

Results of his personality assessment from 16 Personalities:

Personality type: Protagonist (ENFJ-T)

A protagonist is a charismatic and inspiring personally type who often feels called to serve a greater purpose in life. Protagonists feel a near-constant drive to expand, improve, and grow… often in the name of serving others. But it’s all to easy for Protagonists to feel lost when the result that they envision and strive for don’t manifest.

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